Healthy Eating: Spicy Pork Rice Noodle Soup with Mustard Greens

By | January 6, 2014 at 9:00 pm | No comments

When the weather is bone chilling cold outside, you really want something that will warm you from the inside out. Often this means hearty dishes that while filling and satisfying come with a heavy caloric price tag. A great alternative to these heavy dishes is a good broth based soup. This recipe is a spicy […]


Beer Flavored Jelly Beans? The Experts Weigh In

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Recently Yahoo did a story on Jelly Bell’s attempt to create beer flavored jelly beans that taste just like beer straight from the tap.  After apparently 3 years of tinkering with the recipe, Jelly Belly has now rolled out their new beer flavored jelly beans.  Honestly it shouldn’t be any surprise this is the next […]

Restaurants + Bars

Zocalo KC – Gather Here, You’ll Be Glad you Did!

By | January 22, 2014 at 8:47 am | No comments

  One time I heard a joke about Mexican cuisine.  It was something about how all Mexican food is just a tortilla, beans, meat, cheese, and a canned sauce / salsa.   While this joke may actually hold quite a bit of truth for your average Mexican restaurant, at Zócalo Mexican Cuisine & Tequileria on the […]

Top 10 Lists

Top 10 List | The Best Donuts Kansas City Has to Offer

By | June 10, 2012 at 4:32 pm | One comment

Donuts are like steaks to me, if I could eat one (or more) every day I would.  They both are often coated on the outside with some sort of seasoning and then cooked to perfection on the inside.  Steaks, like donuts, consumed in vast quantity are probably not good for you, but when done right […]

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